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Lesson 11: War

Never underestimate human stupidity.

In 1914, world leaders understood very well what it meant to have a successful war. America, Britain, France, they all had plenty of successful conquests. They gained new territories or colonies, with gold mines and wheat fields. Today, in 2018, most nations do not look to, or for war. Nowadays, good trade relations are far more important than gaining new land and sending people into war. There is much more to lose than to gain. There are still some small wars in the world, but these wars prove that getting into them can devastate the local economy.

Despite all of this, we cannot underestimate human stupidity. Even though there is not much to gain by war, there is still some risk of it. But war is not inevitable. The peaceful resolution of the Cold War proves that even the biggest forces can solve a conflict without bloody battles. Believing that war is inevitable can be a self-fulfilling prophecy. This belief may create a hostile attitude and lead to a war, even if logically, there is more to lose than to gain.

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