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Lesson 15: Ignorance

You know less than you think

Humans evolved in a world and environment that was much simpler than the one we have now. In our world now there is so much knowledge, that it’s impossible to learn or understand it all. To handle it all. In order to survive in this silicon age, we have to rely on groups. One individual is not able to do everything by himself anymore. So, taking this into account, is it right that we make the most important decisions altogether? Is it right that decisions of great matter, such as global warming, dying species, etc., are made by the public? If yes, how can we be sure that the public has all the necessary education to make these kinds of decisions? As we already stated, there is too much knowledge to handle. We have to rely on specialists in many cases.

There is one big problem with this type of power. The specialists, men with power are blind to new, revolutionary knowledge. They got their power by sharing their views with a majority of people. Those people with power will only want people like them to be in the circle of power. And that means that there is no room for new knowledge.

The best we can do under such conditions is to acknowledge our own individual ignorance.

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