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Lesson 4: Equality

Those who own the data, own the future.

In the last century, we created a culture of repeating the idea that everyone is equal. We, as a nation, we are all the same. However, that will not remain the same. The rich are becoming richer, and most of the global wealth is kept in the hands of a very small group of people.

One of the problems that we are faced with is bioengineering. Only the rich people will be able to afford to improve their bodies. They will become superhumans. They will not be equal anymore. For the first time in history there will be normal people and enhanced people, that have super intelligence and strength; whatever they desire to have they will. This will put in big danger the humans that are poor.

Another problem is the collection of data. Those who own the data will have the power. Governments can use data about us to manipulate us. It’s hard to understand how it exactly works, but the latest Cambridge Analytica scandal showed us how the presidential election can be manipulated if we only know what strings to pull.

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