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Lesson 9: Immigration

Some cultures might be better than others.

In recent years the wave of immigration became a huge problem for many countries. The biggest question people are asking is whether countries should accept immigrants, or not.

It’s easier to see the immigrants as a deal with three terms:

Term 1: The host country allows the immigrants in.

Term 2: The immigrants accept at least some of the values and norms of the host country.

Term 3: The immigrants become an equal part of society and there is no difference between them and native citizens.

There is a debate going on in each of these terms, as there are many questions that have no clear answer. One of the biggest problems is the cultural difference. The citizens of the host country are much more likely to hang out with and hire people that are similar to them. Even though the immigrants may find a job, they are very unlikely to get top positions in any company. Not because of a lack of qualifications, but because of the cultural differences.

We can see an example of this in the United States, where it takes many generations to integrate immigrants within society. Eventually, this usually happens but the process is not easy, and there really is no guarantee that it will.

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