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Habit 6 — Synergize

Once people have experienced real synergy, they are never quite the same again. They know the possibility of having other such mind expanding adventures in the future.

Synergy is exciting. It’s about co-creation. There is an African proverb that says, “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go with others.” This is about the sum being greater than its parts. The dictionary definition of synergy is “the combined power of a group of things when they are working together that is greater than the total power achieved by each working separately.”

This is about teamwork, and it’s about so much more than just working well together—it’s about genuine and mutual understanding, respecting, valuing, and celebrating of differences and realizing that’s it’s in the understanding and coming together of such differences that exciting and previously undiscovered ways of working, being, and evolving come to life. New horizons are no longer explored; they are created, and the energy is one of adventure, excitement, and possibility.

This is the coming together of all the previous habits: being proactive enough to create synergy, bringing your visionary skills and spark, making the time for this, understanding, truly understanding others, and having the mindset of win/win. The combined energy of all of these together create a synergy that can and will truly create life-changing ways and successes. In the same way, the combined energy of two or more people coming together can spark highly creative and effective ways forward—especially if you have internalized all the other habits and made them a core part of your being—as you will find that you are naturally a catalyst for creating these kinds of synergistic groups and circumstances.

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