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Solve: How to Crack Someone’s Personality

I began to ‘solve’ each of the important people in my life by looking at their behavioral patterns.” —Pg. 128.

Using the Big Five and the matrix she created, Van Edwards was able to gauge what traits people had instantly and how to communicate with them effectively. She called this matrix OCEAN. OCEAN stands for the Big Five personality traits, which are openness (how open you are to new experiences and ideas), consciousnesses (how you like to get things done, how organized you are, etc.), extroversion (how you interact with others: If you find conversations give you energy, you’re probably high extroversion), agreeableness (how you work with others: If you find it easy to get along with teams and are empathetic, you’re high in agreeableness), and neuroticism (how much you tend to worry and feel stressed about your environment).

Principles to follow

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