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Progress, Flow

The more we reach for the stars, the harder it is to get ourselves off the ground.

Staying grounded is one of the most important qualities of the Essentialist. When we aim to achieve big, flashy goals, we often end up with small results. However, when we focus on achieving small, realistic goals, we progress much further.

Not only does this approach improve productivity and success, it can boost your emotions and motivation! When you feel like you are making progress in meaningful work, you will feel like you are achieving countless small wins. Additionally, each small win allows you to build the momentum necessary to achieve the next small win and so on until you hit a “breakthrough” point leading you to achieve the success you desire.

In fact, building a routine that focuses on the essential habits and actions required to achieve success will help remove obstacles and get those small wins. This is backed by science - when you repeatedly do a certain task, the nerve cells in your brain make and strengthen the synapses, which is how nerve cells communicate with each other. After sufficient repetition, these synapses will be activated with little to no effort.

Remember, there is power in steadiness and repetition. Your ability to execute the essential improves with practice, just like any other one.

Actions to take

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