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Select, Dare, Uncommit, Limit

If we feel total and utter conviction to do something, then we say yes. Anything less gets a thumb down.

Many of us fall into the trap of doing what we think we should be doing. We say yes to tasks that we really want to say no to out of awkwardness or to avoid conflict. However, this causes our lives to get overly cluttered with tasks and activities we don’t really want to do but feel like we have to.

To eliminate the clutter in your life, first you have to be more selective about the choices you make, ie. what you say yes to. Keep in mind that if you set clear limits and boundaries, you will prevent a lot of clutter from entering your life.

However, just because a choice you made was right at one point in time does not mean it will continue to be the right option forever. In fact, sticking to a choice that is turning into the wrong one is a very common psychological phenomenon called “sunk-cost bias”. This refers to investing time, money, or energy into something that has cost and cannot be recouped. People fall prey to the sunk-cost bias when they believe they “own” the thing they’re investing in, and therefore, cannot give it up. Alternatively, they might just be used to doing things a certain way. However, falling into this pattern of the sunk-cost bias will cause you to lose time, money and energy that you will not get back.

Principles to follow

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