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When you arrive at a moment where there is clear space between you and your mind, you have found the essence of yoga. You are not your mind. What you think is mostly determined by your mind, not by you. And once you find this space between you and your mind, you can take control of your thoughts. Otherwise, your thoughts will control you.

If you understand the mechanics of your body, you are naturally joyful. In such a state, you don’t have to follow any moral rules defined by religion. Morality is just rules defined by other people to make order in the world. However, as a result, people feel guilty, fearful, and anxious. All these rules create limitation. However, what we need is liberation, not limitation.

The mind can be in five different states. The lowest state is inert, which means not active. This mind is more similar to an animal’s nature than a human one.

If you energize it, it becomes active but scattered. This happens when people begin to undertake a spiritual practice. Everything feels very new to them.

If you energize it further, it starts oscillating. This means that your mind moves from one place to another. Every moment it moves to 10 different places.

If you energize it further, it slowly becomes concentrated, or, as it’s called in yoga, “one-pointed.” This is a far better state than the previous state, but it is not yet the highest state.

The highest state is conscious. The reason that success comes easily and naturally to some people and not to others is essentially this: one person has organized their mind to think the way they want, and the others think against their own interests.

Once your mind is organized, your emotions and body are also organized. They all work together toward your goals.

Belief is like morality: “People who believe something often think they are superior to others. All that happens the moment you believe something is that your stupidity acquires confidence.

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