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What you call “myself” is actually a certain amount of energy. Einstein proved this with his formula, E=mc2. This formula showed that everything can be manifested as energy.

As we said before, your mind and your body are not you. The moment you experience the mental and physical process distinctly and not as a basis of yourself, then your experience of life is one hundred percent of your making. All you need to do is create distance between yourself and everything you accumulate from the outside world.

Let’s talk about karma. Karma literally means “action.” The action can be of the body, mind, or energy. Each action leaves a residue, and they accumulate over time creating patterns. This is how your habits, your knowledge, and your way of thinking formed.

Karma is like an old software that you wrote for yourself unconsciously. Each action you perform adds something to this software. Your system operates using this software. Because of it, life is cyclical.

There is no good or bad karma. Karma is your own creation. It’s a necessity, and without it, we would not be able to operate.

You can gain distance from the source of your karma. This will help you avoid being a victim of your karma. You will move from being a spectator of your life to the master.

Principles to follow

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