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Chapter 2: Mindfulness and the Attitudes of Success

Mindfulness will help you develop a few qualities that are necessary to be successful.

Embracing Change

Change occurs all the time. Money moves in and out of bank accounts. Jobs are shipped overseas. You can never step into the same river twice.

Taking Charge of Your Destiny

Mindfulness is not just about relaxation and de-stressing. It is about deepening your familiarity with your mind and making friends with yourself at a fundamental level. Part of this process is accepting your own agency and responsibility for directing the course of your life.


The world is a fascinating and exciting place with many kinds of experiences and knowledge to offer. The attitude of a successful person is to approach challenges with a sense of discovery and wonder.

Appreciating Interdependence

Mindfulness is also about paying attention to the details of the relationships we have with others and seeing all the different ways that they show us kindness or meanness. It's about paying attention to our own behavior, the way we treat others.

The Courageous Spirit

No road that you travel will be all clear. All kinds of obstacles, setbacks, and disappointments will occur. With mindfulness you will learn to work with negativity, which is necessary to go through all obstacles.

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