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Changing Mindset

New research shows that the brain is more like a muscle—it changes and gets stronger when you use it.

The change of mindset is not like a surgery, those old beliefs would be cut away and new ones would replace them. In reality, new beliefs take their place alongside the old ones and become stronger and stronger. It is a long journey to feel, think and act in the growth mindset way.

Our minds constantly are monitoring and interpreting. Unfortunately, sometimes some people interpret situations in a very extreme way and react with an exaggerated sense of anxiety, depression, or anger. We can change the interpretation process. Instead of an internal monologue focused on judging like: “This means I’m a loser / bad partner / better than others” etc., we can take a constructive action: What and how can I improve? What can I learn from this? How can I solve the situation?

The fixed mindset is afraid of changes and criticism. That is what often says us: “Don’t do it!”, “It’s not worth to risk”, “Don’t change it”. The growth mindset would say: “Go for it!”, “Make it happen”, “Develop yourself”.

Many people plan to change something, but they procrastinate on it. The best way to make something happen is a concrete and detailed plan: When, where, and how will you do it? Then stick to the plan. The second thing is willpower. For many, it is something that you have or don’t have, but the truth is that you can develop your willpower.

We should make a plan and be aware that setbacks may happen. In such a situation it is good to ask yourself the questions what we can learn from it and what to do next time it happens. “It’s a learning process—not a battle between the bad you and the good you”.

The crucial thing in changing the mindset is maintaining the change. After reaching the aim we cannot stop doing what caused us to achieve it. Also, if we use only the growth mindset strategies, but stay in the fixed mindset, it can backfire. The framework has to be changed from judge-and-be-judged to learn-and-help-learn.

Actions to take
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