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Inside the Mindsets: Questions and answers

1. Why do people want to, again and again, prove that they are intelligent or talented if they believe that these qualities are fixed, and have already proved them once?

Because new, more difficult situations appear, and what they showed yesterday is not enough today.

2. Is the mindset permanent or can it be changed?

Mindset is an important part of personality, but you can change it. Because you know that there are two types of mindsets, you can try to think and react in a new way.

3. Is it possible to be 50/50 of two mindsets?

All people have parts of both mindsets. Also, it depends on the area of one’s life. Some areas have a more fixed mindset and others a more growth mindset.

4. If people fail, is it because they didn’t put enough effort?

No! The effort is crucial, but of course, people have different talents, resources, and opportunities.

5. It is being said that the growth mindset makes you better than others, but isn’t it more about developing yourself?

By developing talent, you fulfill your potential. An attitude for growth allows people to love what they do, even in difficult situations. In the fixed mindset the result is the most important thing. The growth mindset people appreciate what they’re doing regardless of the outcome.

6. Many workaholics have a fixed mindset. They try to prove that they are the best but they take challenges and work hard. How does that fit in the theory that people with a fixed mindset go in for low effort and easy tasks?

In general, people with a fixed mindset prefer success without effort because it is the best way to prove their talent. But there are also a lot of people who work hard and think that their qualities are fixed; they look for continuous validation. Such people may not believe that high effort means low ability, but they have other parts of a fixed mindset.

7. What if someone likes his fixed mindset? If he knows his abilities and talents, and what to expect, why should he give that up?

If they like it, they can keep it. But still, it is good to know the alternatives.

8. Can every aspect of people’s lives be changed, and should people try to change everything they can?

The growth mindset is the belief that abilities can be developed. But it doesn’t give an answer to how much change is possible or how much time those changes would it take. Also, some values and preferences cannot be changed. The important thing is not everything that can be changed, should be changed.

9. Are people with the fixed mindset simply lacking in confidence?

No, but their confidence is weaker, and a bad feedback or failure can undermine it.

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