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Chapter 9: Charismatic body language

Studies show that positive body language is far more important than our words. Delivering a bad message with good body language is perceived to be better than delivering a good message with bad body language.

As a leader, your body language is very important because your emotions are contagious. Everything that you show will be felt by other people. Humans have the ability to mirror the emotions of others.

We like and we trust people that are more like us, people that have more in common with us. That’s why a good technique to make people like us and trust us is mirroring, also known as mimicking. It’s about making small subtle moves to copy the other person.

When it comes to body language, also think about personal space. Once you cross into the other person’s space, they may connect negative feelings with you. Ensure you respect personal space. Also, when sitting during negotiations, avoid sitting in the same way as the other person. The best position would be next to them, or at a 90-degree angle.

The best way to project power through body language is to take up a lot of space. For example, walking straight down a path and expecting others to move aside. Also, making a lot of small movements decreases your charisma. It’s better if you are calm and still and your posture is like a queen or king.

Actions to take

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