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Chapters 1 and 2: Why Can’t I Keep My House In Order?

Tidying brings visible results. Tidying never lies.

There are classes on almost everything—from meditation to economics to cooking, nearly every skill has a teacher willing to teach it and students willing to learn it—except for the skill of tidying. It is generally assumed that knowing how to properly tidy up is an innate ability, or that it is naturally learned when growing up. However, this is not the case, most people have no idea how to properly tidy up after themselves.

The biggest problem most people have with tidying up is that the neatness they achieve rarely lasts for long. Soon enough, their house is in the same mess it was before they started tidying. Proper tidying skills will ensure that your living space is always tidy, which reduces your workload in the long run.

What truly holds people back from tidying properly is their mindset. It’s often difficult for us to part with the things that are cluttering up our homes, but when we discard them, we free ourselves from the mess they bring. We need to learn to throw away the things we don’t need and the things that don’t bring us joy. After all, once you get into the right mindset to tidy up, you’ll have no problem keeping your house neat and free of clutter.

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