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Part 5: Wealth—The Fastlane Roadmap

I'd rather live in regret of failure than in regret of never trying.” - MJ DeMarco

The Fastlane is an alternative strategy that is about getting rich fast. Not easily, but fast. It's not about a get-rich-fast scheme advertised here and there, but about making smart decisions and smart moves to build a system that will earn money for us. To get rich fast, it is not enough to work hard. It’s about building a machine that will do it for us.

Which team are you on, the producers’ or the consumers’? You will not become rich if you are in the consumers' group. Only the producers get rich fast. And in order to be the producer, be an entrepreneur, an innovator. Be visionary and a creator.

There is a tree that grows money, and it’s called passive income. It’s income that works even when you sleep or are on vacation. People who have their own businesses but must work 12 hours a day to make the company survive are not really rich people, because they exchange time for money. Generally, there are five areas in which you can create passive income for yourself: rental systems (e.g., renting apartments), computer systems (e.g., making a popular mobile app), content systems (e.g., writing a book), distribution systems (e.g.,, and human-resource systems (a company that relies on people working in it).

People don’t make millions because of wishful thinking. The well-known Law of Attractions does not work at all. Thinking about wealth will not make you wealthy. So, what will? Impacting millions. The more people you impact, the wealthier you will be. Think of this as the Law of Effection: The more lives you affect in an entity you control, the richer you will become.

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