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Chapter 8: Customizing your Miracle Morning to fit your lifestyle

The Miracle Morning is 100% customizable.

Everyone is different, that’s why it’s good to customize the Miracle Morning according to your schedule and needs.

First of all, you don’t have to do it in the morning. Yes, morning is the best time, but any time during the day will work.

When should you eat? Digesting food is a very energy-consuming process, so it’s better not to eat a proper meal just before the ritual. If you must eat, have something very light.

The Miracle Morning is designed to help you achieve your goals. So adjust the process to work for you within your schedule and preferences. This is especially true of the affirmation and visualization components. Both of these components should directly relate to your goals.

Should you do the morning routine on the weekends? Try it. This routine is meant to give you more energy and happiness during the day. If you skip the routine on the weekends, you will not receive the full benefits!

Humans need variety. So keep the morning ritual fresh, exciting, and fun. Change the routine from time to time, and adjust it to your needs.

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