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How to Create New Habits

Cravings are what drive habits. And figuring out how to spark a craving makes creating a new habit easier.

Habits are very powerful because they create neurological cravings. This craving is at the core of creating a new habit. For example, after eating a meal, we can feel that our teeth are dirty. That’s the cue. And we crave to make them feel clean and fresh. That’s the reward. Once there is a cue; we crave the reward.

Let’s look at another example: how to begin jogging every morning. First, choose the cue. It’s essential that the cue is simple, like lacing up your sneakers before breakfast. There must also be a reward, such as the sense of accomplishment from recording your miles, or the endorphin rush you get from it. However, the cue and reward are not enough. The habit is established when your brain starts expecting the reward (the feeling of accomplishment or the endorphins). When the cue triggers a craving for the reward to come, the routine becomes automatic.

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