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The First Ingredient

No matter how much information there is, and no matter how good that information is, if the person consuming it doesn’t have the right catalyst, then success will still elude their grasp.

Finding the right catalyst - the catalyst that will allow and motivate you to apply the information you have to achieve your goals - is the only way to achieve success. Simply following all the right steps will not get you what you want; what works out for you may not work out for someone else.

You will need to adopt a positive life philosophy, which will act as your catalyst and will motivate you to work towards your goals. Your life philosophy shapes how you think about simple everyday things. This means that you will have to fundamentally change the way you think so you can process and apply information in a manner more conducive to your goals.

An example of a positive life philosophy can be taken from Ralph Waldo Emerson’s Essay on Compensation: “Do the thing, and you shall have the power.” This life philosophy can be applied to nearly every area of life. For example, if you adopted this particular life philosophy and you wanted a raise at work, you would work harder and expect to be paid more - and if you do work harder, chances are, you will get that raise!

Another example of a positive life philosophy is from Thomas J. Watson, the founder of IBM: “The formula for success is quite simple. Double your rate of failure.” Following this specific life philosophy will push you to keep looking for new opportunities and means of success, and to try again every time you fail.

Principles to follow

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