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The Choice & Master the Mundane

It’s always too late to wait.

Success doesn’t occur overnight. In fact, success is the result of millions of little actions, or “slight edge habits”, done every day over a long period of time. For example, let’s say you started investing $250 a month after you graduated college. After 18 years, you could stop investing and just let the account accumulate - by the time you are sixty-six years old, you would have amassed a little over $1 million dollars, just from that $250 a month investment!

Only about 5% of people are actually achieving a significant measure of their goals in life, whether financial, professional, or personal. Most people attribute this success to luck, genes, opportunity, fate, karma etc, but it is typically due to the slight edge. The 5% all use the slight edge method to their advantage by practising mundane, slight edge habits - even if they don’t call it that.

When you don’t adopt slight edge habits you run the risk of making several simple errors in judgement. Over a period of time, these can lead you to failure.

Remember, the earlier you adopt slight edge habits, the sooner you will achieve success! After all, you have to start someday - why not today?

Actions to take

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