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Chapter 10: Energy: The Fuel of Excellence

The health of the people is really the foundation upon which all their happiness and all their powers as a state depend.” —Benjamin Disraeli

Our psychological well-being closely depends on our physical state. Any changes that we want to make in our lives should begin by taking care of our body. By following the six rules listed below, we can achieve incredible results.

1. Healthy overall breathing. Healthy breathing fully oxygenates the body and stimulates the electrical process of each and every cell. A healthy bloodstream with effective lymph and immune systems depends on deep breaths to produce the movements that stimulate them.

2. Eating water-rich foods. Our diet should consist of 70% water-rich foods. It is often recommended that individuals drink 8-10 glasses of water per day; however, water contains chlorine, fluoride, minerals, and other toxic substances. It is much better to eat fruits and drink fresh-squeezed juices. The amount of water consumed should be dictated by thirst.

3. Effective food combining. You should not eat starchy carbohydrates and protein in the same meal. Eating incompatible food combinations wastes our energy.

4. Controlled consumption. Usually, we eat much more than we need. By cutting down on the amount of food we intake, we can increase our life span.

5. Effective fruit consumption. Fruits are most effectively digested on an empty stomach.

6. Reducing protein consumption, especially by eliminating milk and limiting other dairy products. Excess protein consumption leads to excess nitrogen which causes fatigue. Too much protein can cause osteoporosis, the softening and weakening of bones. If we are worried about calcium intake, we can eat green vegetables, sesame butter, or nuts to increase our intake.

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