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Chapter 6: Mastering Your Mind: How to Run Your Brain

There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.” —William Shakespeare

We are able to change our state whenever we want. It is just a matter of control. It is not necessary to go through lengthy therapy to deal with trauma or depression. Changing your internal representation from a negative to a positive one is a much faster and more effective way of moving on.

There are two ways to change your internal state: through behavior or through belief. This change is brought about by changing your physiology or internal representations. We can change our internal representation by modifying it or replacing negative ones with positive ones. To do this, we need to know how to change our visual, auditory, and kinesthetic submodalities to the desired ones. Depending on the person, their importance is different, but one of the most important distinctions to make is whether the image we represent in our mind is associated (we see it through our own eyes; we hear and feel it in the first person) or disassociated (we experience it as if we were watching ourselves in a movie).

We can associate with or disassociate from anything we want. What is important is to do so consciously and to find a balance.

Actions to take

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