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Sixteen Tips About Interviewing for a Job

In interviewing, the secret is to find out anything that is within your control, even if it’s only 2%, and change it!

The essence of the job-hunt can be shaken down to two simple questions: “Do you like me?” and “Do I like you?”. If the answer to both is yes, then you’ve got the job.

In the context of a job-hunt, the question “Do you like me?” translates to “Given that you are looking for someone who can do the thing you want to be done, and can get along with you and the other employees here, do you like me?”. The question “Do I like you?” translates to “Are you going to give me a work environment that helps me be at my most productive and effective level, where I feel useful and appreciated, and can make a difference?”.

Remember, your opinion matters too - if the answer to the question “Do I like you?” is a no for you, there’s a high chance you’ll end up quitting the job soon.

When it comes to the actual interview, there are five basic questions you should anticipate. They are:

1. “Why are you here?”

This means, “Why are you applying to this organization, rather than another one?”

2. “What can you do for us?”

This means, “What are your skills, what is the extent of your knowledge in the field this organization is in, and will you help when challenges arise?”

3. “What kind of person are you?”

This means, “Will you fit in? Do you share the same values as this organization?”

4. “What distinguishes you from the others who have applied for this job?”

This means, “Do you have better work habits than others, maintain higher standards, go the extra mile, etc?”

5. “Can I afford you?”

This means, “If we decide we want you here, how much will it cost to get you, and will we be able to pay it?”

Actions to take

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