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What to Do When Your Job-Hunt Just Isn’t Working

Here are the three most important rules, discovered by discouraged job-hunters who were, in the end, successful: 1. Never give up. 2. Never give up. 3. Never give up.

If you feel like everything is out of control, figure out what small part you can control and work on that. Try different approaches and strategies to job-hunting and dedicate your time and energy to finding a solution to your problem. Here are some common strategies and their success rates:

1. Looking for job postings on the Internet: works 4% of the time. Looking for IT, engineering, finance, or healthcare jobs increases the success rate to 10%.

2. Mailing out your resume to employers: works 7% of the time.

3. Answering local newspaper ads: works 5% - 24% of the time.

4. Going to private employment agencies/search firms for help: works 5% - 28% of the time.

5. Answering ads in field-appropriate trade/professional journals: works 7% of the time. A directory of these journals can be found at

6. Job Clubs works 84% of the time. This refers to a club where each job-hunter shares what kind of job they’re looking for, and if a member comes across a job for you, they’ll give you that information. Be sure to join a trustworthy, active job club though!

7. Going to the state or federal employment office: works 14% of the time.

8. Going to places where employers pick up workers, such as a union hiring hall: works 22% of the time.

9. Asking friends, family members, etc for job-leads: works 33% of the time.

10. Knocking on the door of the employer/office works 47% of the time - but this works best with small employers with 25 or fewer employees!

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