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Hurting and Helping Your Sleep

Sleeping pills do not provide natural sleep, can damage health, and increase the risk of life-threatening diseases.

People who experience sleep problems frequently believe that taking sleeping pills will solve their problems. Millions of pills have been prescribed to help patients sleep for at least a few hours. However, it is highly important to note that pills do not provide natural sleep. Moreover, they increase the risk of numerous life-threatening diseases.

Before deciding to take sleeping pills, people are advised to consult sleep doctors. Various methods can be used to improve sleep, and these methods do not involve sedatives or other substances that do not induce natural sleep.

When examined, the brains of people who take sleeping pills show that they lack the deepest brain waves usually found in natural, healthy sleep.

Another side effect to taking sleeping pills over a longer period is rebound insomnia. When people stop taking the pills, their sleeping situation usually worsens.

In addition, pill-induced sleep does not provide the same health benefits as natural sleep. It does not have the same restorative effect, and it does not strengthen the immune system. Since this is not natural sleep, it often leaves people groggy and lacking alertness. As a result of this drowsiness, car crashes may happen and lives can be lost.

Presently, the most effective therapy is called cognitive behavioral therapy for insomnia, or CBT-I. Therapists provide patients with a variety of techniques to help them develop new, healthy sleeping habits.

Furthermore, a small, but significant change in a person’s eating habits might prove to be the deciding factor for obtaining a good night’s sleep. For instance, food rich in sugar but low in fiber may result in less deep NREM and fragmented sleep.

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