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What valuable company is nobody building?

Did humanity already solve all the hard problems? Most humans act like they have. An extreme representative of this theory is Ted Kaczynski. He believes, that in order to be happy, we need goals, and there are 3 types of goals:

  • Easy, and can be satisfied with minimum effort
  • Hard, and need serious effort to be satisfied
  • Extremely hard, and cannot be satisfied no matter what effort you put in

So, in order to be happy, we need goals that are hard, but most of the problems that we encounter nowadays are either very easy, or impossible to solve. And this is deeply unsatisfying. Kaczynski so deeply believed in this that he wanted to destroy institutions so that humanity can start everything over again.

If we believe, that there are no more secrets, that everything is discovered, then there is no need for progress. In order to make progress, we need to focus on discovering new things. And the truth is, that there are many more secrets left to find. Companies that are the most successful, find out these secrets, like Airbnb, Uber, or even Facebook. They knew something that others didn’t, and they built their businesses on top of those secrets.

Principles to follow

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