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Lesson 1: Disillusionment

The end of history has been postponed

In the twentieth century, there were 3 major ideologies that were taking over the world: Liberalism, Communism, and Fascism. As we know from the history lessons, Fascism, once very strong, collapsed. The next one to collapse was Communism. The last one that survived was Liberalism. With its great promise, Liberalism has been accepted globally until now.

In the twenty-first century, we face completely different problems, and people are looking for an escape from the current system. Despite liberalism working well so far, we see a lot of movements trying to go back to “old, better times”. We can observe this with President Donald Trump’s winning campaign slogan, “Make America Great Again”, with Brexit, and different movements in other countries. However, all of this is an illusion, because there were not better times in the past. Liberalism does not work perfectly, but it’s better than the current alternatives.

As Barack Obama said, most humans have never enjoyed greater peace or prosperity as they do now.

However, liberalism does not have all the answers to our present challenges. Some of the biggest problems we face are ecological collapse and technological disruption. The first one is due to the fact, that our prosperity was defined by the constant growth of the economy. However, now we know, that, if this continues, it will cause an ecological disaster. The second problem will cause a limited job supply. With constantly advancing automation and artificial intelligence, humans will become increasingly less needed in the global economy.

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