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Part 1. The 5 Second Rule

If you're searching for that person who will change your life look in the mirror.” -Mel Robbins

The 5 Second Rule can be used in many aspects of our lives: to push ourselves to go to the gym, to control our emotions, or to rise every day with confidence and courage. The most difficult are the smallest things like speaking in a meeting, stepping onto a dance floor, hitting “send” or “call,” or raising a hand.

It is not good to wait to “feel like doing it” or for the right moment. There is a powerful connection between our brains and the instinct to act. In five seconds we make a decision and push ourselves. If not, we lose the momentum—there is a five-second window between the initial instinct to act and losing the courage to do something. Counting distracts from excuses and focuses our minds on acting.

If we want to change a bad habit, we must replace the behavior pattern. If we use the 5 Second Rule every day, it will become part of our behavior and will trigger new, positive patterns.

Actions to take