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Chapter 6: You’re Wrong About Everything (And So Am I)

Many people become so obsessed with being “right” about their life that they never end up actually living it.

What you believed a few years ago is probably different from what you believe now. Naturally, what you currently believe will be different from what you believe in a few years time. As time passes, you will grow as a person and learn new things that will change the way you view the world.

Personal growth is a never ending process. When you learn something new and apply this to your beliefs, you are not switching from a wrong belief to a right one; you are switching from a wrong belief to a slightly less wrong one. The end goal here is not to find the right belief to have, but rather, to trim our wrong beliefs today, so we can be a little less wrong tomorrow.

Manson’s Law of Avoidance states, “ he more something threatens your identity, the more you will avoid it”. This means that you will likely avoid whatever threatens to change your beliefs - even the ones that are holding you back. However, when you acknowledge that you are wrong, you give yourself the space to change for the better. If you are certain that you are right, you deny yourself the opportunity to grow.

A majority of the beliefs you hold are probably dated, and oftentimes, these beliefs are holding you back in life. For example, if you believe you are unworthy of love, you will never put yourself in a position to find it and therefore, you never will find it!

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