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Chapter 4: The Birth of Excellence: Belief

They can because they think they can.” —Virgil

Belief works like a filter for our perception of the world. Our beliefs are responsible for our internal communication. When we believe in something, we put ourselves into a specific state. Belief is very powerful. It can help us or limit us. It works like a placebo, if you believe that something works or helps, then it will.

There are different sources of belief.

1. Environment. If we grow up in a supportive environment, it is much easier to believe that life is positive. If we grow up in poverty, most likely we will see life as a hard path. What is important is that success breeds success and failure breeds failure. Therefore, we should try to stop the cycle if it doesn’t support us.

2. Events. Events can have a huge impact on our lives. But they are still only experiences. What is important is how we present them to ourselves.

3. Knowledge. Experiences give knowledge, but there are also other ways to gain knowledge such as reading, lectures, watching movies, and talking to others. When we have a wide knowledge base, we can break out of our set ways of thinking.

4. Past results. If we achieve success once, we start believing in ourselves and it is much easier to repeat this success. We already know how! If we fail, we should learn from it. Failure doesn’t define us.

5. Creating the experience we desire in our minds. This works like past results. If we do not have enough supporting events, we can imagine supporting events and experience positive results in advance. In this way, we put ourselves into a productive state.

Actions to take

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