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Too Tired To Resist: Why Self-Control Is Like a Muscle

If you try to control and change too many things at once, you may exhaust yourself completely.

We use self-control for many things all day long. For example, getting out of bed the first time the alarm rings instead of hitting the snooze button, skipping dessert at lunch, choosing which brand of detergent to buy from the store—we have to use our self-control for all of these things! It’s no wonder that we feel exhausted at the end of the day.

Identifying when you are most focused and scheduling important tasks for those times will ensure you can do what you need to do. You will find your productivity levels shooting through the roof!

Keep in mind that focus is not entirely limited to just one time of the day. Sometimes, you will need to actively push yourself to be productive. You might feel tired, but once you let go of that idea, you may realize that it was just a distraction and you are capable of working at your goal a little while longer. (Of course, if you are actually tired, do not overexert yourself.)

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