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Chapter 8: Speaking and listening with charisma

The number one human interaction skill that CEOs want to improve is active listening. Through active listening, you can make people feel heard and understood without saying a word. There are a few tricks that will make you a master listener. Check them out below.

People have the ability to connect feelings with places, people, and situations very quickly. They may not remember what they talked to you about, but they will remember how they felt with you. Charismatic speaking is about making other people feel good around you.

In order to be more charismatic in this sense, you can improve a few things. One of them is accepting compliments correctly. For example, if someone compliments you, and you say, “Oh, that’s nothing…”, you send a signal to the other person that they complimented you incorrectly. Read below to find a better way of accepting compliments.

The second way to be more charismatic while speaking is by talking in a visual way. If I tell you how many people die due to smoking, you will probably forget it in three weeks. However, if I tell you that every day as many people as can fit in three Boeing 737s die from smoking, then you will have a clear picture in your head. Charismatic leaders speak in visual ways more than non-charismatic ones. When we speak, our brain translates the words into an image. Images are the natural language of our brains, so why not speak in this language directly?

One way to talk in a more visual manner is to use metaphors. Present what you want to say in a way that your listeners are familiar with.

The next element is voice fluctuation. The amount of voice fluctuation is one of the main predictors of sales via phone call. In one experiment, a professor that used more body gestures and better voice fluctuation was rated much more highly in almost every aspect by his students.

Actions to take

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